Who we are

We're a vast multi-national conglomerate with branches all over the world, a tax holding in the Cayman Islands, and plans to take over the world.

Just kidding

There's just two of us in Brandheart because sometimes larger doesn't mean better.

Claire Wynn and Christine Theissen are Brandheart's Principal Trainers. We consider ourselves to be an experienced team of highly-skilled, down-to-earth, and engaging trainers who are really good at what we do, and are passionate about empowering people to achieve to their potential. And we have a good mix of central government, local government and private sector raving fans.

We're based in Wellington though we spend a lot of our time with our clients either in Auckland or in the other parts of New Zealand where they play better rugby. Since 1998 we've run training programmes in eleven countries for some of the largest and smallest organisations you can imagine, and pretty much everyone in between.

Brandheart is consistently rated among the top handful of training providers in New Zealand (though we are far from the top price bracket). We are frequently referred to new clients through word-of-mouth and many of our existing clients are long term. And Brandheart is regularly successful in international and nationwide tender selection processes for the provision of training services.

Ok, yes, we blew our own trumpet.