Brandheart’s magic

What sets us apart

Well for starters, we don't describe what we do as work or a job. We call it our P&P - our purpose and passion. And in the area of training and developing people, that's a game changer of an approach.

We've decided to specialise in the areas that we know we can make a difference, and we've also decided to focus on what we know we do well. And they require a specific skill set and ability to work with people that just can't be roped in off the street or out of Uni.

We don't profess to be the smartest ones in the room, in fact, quite the opposite - we encourage our workshop participants to bring in and draw on all of their experience and expertise. We simply offer them some specialist knowledge that might be helpful to them in their careers.

We know that we are also ‘works in progress’, and this makes it much easier for others to relate to us and for us to connect with people of any background, age, organisational level or profession.

We've found that people learn best when they're comfortable and enjoying themselves. People say they like our workshops because they find them stimulating and interactive, and that we connect with them because of our down to earth no BS style and a bit of a sense of humour.