Cultures that groove

Establishing your desired workplace culture – the ‘how we work around here’ stuff

At Brandheart we work holistically with our clients to understand the current and desired organisational culture, what the organisational goals for success are, and the issues that exist which act as barriers to success.

Central to our philosophy of a collaborative approach is employee involvement in the process of culture development. This involvement begins with senior leaders as they are the most critical factor in the success of culture development. As the key sponsors for culture development we work closely with them to establish a blueprint for creating a culture of success and by supporting them in delivering on desired leadership behaviours.

Brandheart’s five-phase approach to culture development is designed to maximise staff involvement in, and ownership of the process to create a lasting positive impact on their organisation’s culture. Brandheart’s five-phase approach makes the vision of a culture of success relevant and important to each individual by involving them as much as possible in creating a roadmap for success together. This collaborative approach is about giving staff a true stake in the success of the culture development project along with the ability to influence the outcome.