Customer service that wows

The psychology of delivering awesome customer service – even in the most challenging customer situation

Brandheart’s customer service courses take your organisation’s customer service to the next level. Delivering exceptional customer service requires staff to not only possess the skills, but also to have the emotional intelligence and self-awareness to get the best possible outcome for their customers – whether they be internal or external. Our customer service workshops are fully customised to reinforce and support the organisation’s brand, values and desired service culture.

The course is designed to assist customer service professionals (and anyone in a service role) with some of the more challenging aspects of their role by exploring some basic concepts of psychology to offer them some helpful insights into human nature and relationships, and some practical strategies and techniques to apply these insights into their customer service role.

Participants will learn about themselves and their personal communication style, and how to adapt their style for different people and audiences to make their communication with them more effective. This will help them to work more effectively with their colleagues and customers, and have a positive impact on their relationships at work.

Download a sample course outline which can be customised for your organisation.