Customer service that wows

The psychology of delivering awesome customer service, even in the most challenging customer situation

What is great customer service? Successful organisations understand the vital importance of their people in creating an exceptional customer service, competitive advantage and an authentic customer experience. The secret of their success is their people, and their understanding of what can be achieved when the growth and development of their people is embraced. It is these people who, far more than any clever design logo or advertising campaign, will shape the reputation of their organisation and implicitly convey to customers by their actions, attitudes and behaviour whether their customer experience has been authentic and true to their expectations, and what the organisation has promised them. 

Brandheart’s customised corporate training course takes your organisation’s customer relations to the next level. Delivering exceptional customer service requires staff to not only possess the skills, but also to have the emotional intelligence and self-awareness to get the best possible outcome for their customers‘ whether they be internal or external. Our customer service workshops are fully customised to reinforce and support your organisation’s brand, values and desired service culture.


Brandheart’s customised Delivering Outstanding Customer Service course is a customised one to two day programme of professional development workshops, with pre-course preparation and post-course application activities.  We can customise and deliver this corporate training workshop to any organisation anywhere in New Zealand.


What they’ll gain

People who attend a Brandheart Delivering Outstanding Customer Service course will increase their ability to:

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