Our team

Claire Wynn, Christine Theissen, Rachel Matheson and 43 years of (combined) experience

Claire Wynn

I feel privileged every day in Brandheart that I am able to fulfil my life’s purpose and passion - to positively influence people’s professional and personal lives and to assist them to step more into their power.  In fact, empowerment has become a central theme to all of our training and development programmes.

We all have a natural desire to be happy, fulfilled and make a positive contribution at
work - and to have that contribution recognised. Most of the challenges we experience in our roles are not related to our job description, but to the relationships that came along with it. It’s easy to get on top of these challenges once you learn some basic psychology models to help understand yourself and others better.

It’s an honour to assist people to deepen their understanding about themselves, how they impact on their relationships and their team’s performance and to gain awareness about the contribution they make to their organisations and to the success and happiness of others. Over the years this has seen me working with people across all organisational levels from Secretaries, CEs, Senior Leaders and Boards, to Councillors and Members of Parliament to staff and community groups.

I find it incredibly inspiring to see individuals and teams gain clarity about who they are and what they want to achieve and then take 100% responsibility for making it happen for themselves.  It’s about being a conscious and empowered contributor to their own well-being and to the well-being of their organisation and the planet.

Christine Theissen

It's exciting to see that when people achieve a higher level of self-awareness, understand more about how they impact on the happiness and success of others and define what success looks and feels like for them, they start making conscious choices and take positive action to transform their workplace relationships and work experience.

Sometimes we just need some timely reminders about what we are capable of and to be given the opportunity to sharpen our existing tools and to gain new and practical strategies for achieving the success we are looking for in our careers and professional relationships. And I feel honoured and humbled to be part of that experience as a trainer, facilitator and coach in Brandheart.

I love it when clients throw a challenge my way whether it be designing and implementing significant organisational and cultural change, building leadership capability, transforming conflict or assisting teams to break-through difficulties and achieve high-performance.

My diverse experience as an HR practitioner, senior leader, trainer, coach and accredited mediator has been gained in a range of industries including manufacturing, health, education and in Local and Central Government and private enterprise - this experience from the inside has given me an in-depth understanding about the complexities and challenges that organisations and leaders face.

Rachel Matheson

It’s hugely rewarding for me when participants on our courses realise how their perceptions and mindset have such a big influence on the reality they are creating and ultimately on the happiness and success they experience at work and at home. 

We can all learn new tools and techniques on how to be more successful and effective in all parts of our lives and across all of our relationships. However, the key ingredient is first of all cultivating a positive relationship with ourselves and developing the self-awareness to manage our behaviours and impulses as well as our habitual thoughts that drive our outcomes. This is when we get sustainable change and this is what I love about delivering Brandheart’s workshops.

With a background in tourism, export marketing and marketing consultancy, I have supported many individuals and teams across a broad spectrum of industries to achieve positive and sustained outcomes in their careers and their private lives.

I am a certified coach and facilitator in both Productivity and Mindfulness, my passion is to enable people to be the best they can be, bounce back from adversity and get the most out of life.