People who thrive

Keeping up the mojo when the going gets tough

Today’s workplaces are demanding and dynamic and more than ever we are expected to continue to produce high-quality outcomes while working with the stresses and changes to structures, processes, systems, resources and strategic priorities.  Building a positive and supportive workplace culture and enabling people to prioritise their wellbeing and mental and emotional health is more important than ever before.

During Brandheart’s interactive corporate training course, Resilience at Work, participants will be affirmed for what they currently do that well that enables them to effectively manage the demands of workplace pressure and organisational change.  Staff and managers will also have the opportunity to build more strategies into their repertoire for being more emotionally resilient to stress and change at work and to life’s challenges in general. 

The Resilience at Work workshop is highly interactive and enjoyable while providing an opportunity for participants to raise their self-awareness and increase their ‘tool-kit’ of resilience strategies in a safe and supportive environment.  The workshop is highly practical in nature so participants can expect to leave with tools that they can immediately apply in all aspects of their lives. This workshop will assist staff and managers to thrive and remain positive and productive in their workplace environment regardless of the demands and changes they face. These tools will also assist your team to thrive through any organisational change which could result from business transformation and restructures.


Brandheart’s customised Resilience at Work corporate course is a one to 1.5 day programme of professional development, with pre-course preparation and post-course application activities. We can customise and deliver this workshop for any organisation anywhere in New Zealand.

What they’ll gain

People who attend a Brandheart Resilience at Work corporate training course will enhance their ability to:

Download a sample course outline which can be customised for your organisation.

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