Productivity that awes

Getting beyond busy - productivity strategies and techniques to nail it, every time

Brandheart’s Personal Effectiveness and Productivity course will help people to become more effective in their role because they’ll develop a greater insight into their own personal working style and understand how to adapt it to be even more effective. We work on three levels: the paradigms (the thinking that drives their behaviour and workplace practices), the behaviours, and the strategies (the tools and techniques). They’ll also pick up some useful, practical tools and techniques to incorporate into their work style.

The course will develop their ability to think clearly and logically about their working style, their personal ‘systems’ and their approach to achieving your goals and objectives so that they can identify and change what’s holding them back. It will also help them to structure their thinking and planning processes to more easily cope with whatever their role throws at them. Both staff and managers have found this course highly relevant and useful – allowing them to do more, with less time.

Download a sample course outline which can be customised for your organisation.