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We specialise in the flip-side of leadership, because this is the other side of the equation to investing in leadership development. It’s about empowering and equipping the people your people leaders support to build and sustain effective, productive and rewarding relationships with their managers as well as with each other and their customers and stakeholders.

Brandheart’s customised corporate training programmes in workplace relationships and communication are an engaging and interactive way to help employees to become much more effective at building trusting, enjoyable and effective relationships at work. They will develop a greater insight into what makes their workplace relationships with their colleagues, their manager, and their stakeholders and customers tick. Most importantly, they will get an insight into what they can do to do to make those relationships consistently successful and a positive experience, across all of their relationships (even at home).

Brandheart’s customised Effective Relationships and Communication at Work is a two-day programme of professional development, with pre-course preparation and post-course application activities. We can customise and deliver this workshop for any organisation anywhere in New Zealand.

What they’ll gain
People who attend Brandheart’s Effective Relationships and Communication at Work course will enhance their ability to:

Download a sample course outline which can be customised for your organisation.

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