Teams that hum

Building and sustaining high-performing teams

At Brandheart, not only are we passionate about working with individuals, but also with teams. We excel in bringing the best out of individual team members and unleashing the potential in the teams they belong to through engaging, insightful (and enjoyable) workshop-based team building activities.

Brandheart’s team development process is a practical and interactive corporate training workshop to enable team members to learn more about each other and the team’s dynamics, in order to assist the team to become more effective and boost morale. By increasing understanding between team members, strengthening professional relationships, and reassessing direction and purpose, teams can increase their overall effectiveness and attain a higher level of performance.

Our team building workshops can be customised for any team anywhere in New Zealand, and are suitable for teams at all levels of an organisation, including corporate senior leadership teams. Our team development process is effective for established teams, newly forming or re-forming teams and for teams that have got stuck and are looking to address issues, re-purpose and re-establish how they are going to work constructively together.

Our Process

The process begins with us gaining a clear understanding of the desired outcomes to be achieved from the team development process, any issues to be addressed and the organisational context within which the team operates. This includes obtaining feedback from team members and the team leaders to improve engagement and morale. Once we understand the requirements, we then design the workshop exercises & activities to achieve your desired outcomes.


Workshop Duration

The structure and duration of your team building workshops are customised to suit your team and the desired outcomes. Depending on your needs, the workshop process may consist of three sessions with one full day with two half day follow-up sessions.

For more information on how we can customise a facilitated corporate workshop for your team, contact the Brandheart team today.