What our clients say

"Brandheart has been doing an absolutely wonderful job delivering workshops for staff and people leaders across Auckland Council. There has been an enormous demand for the workshops because of their popularity and effectiveness. Brandheart's facilitators do an amazing job and have a strong reputation at Council as a being very competent and transformational in their approach. We receive feedback from employees and managers about how people are handling workplace change, pressure and relationships more constructively as a result of the workshop, especially reframing their thinking to handle challenging situations better. These workshops have been a real success for us."

Senior Learning and Development Advisor, Auckland Council

"Brandheart has excelled in their work with us. Our teams are motivated, people are communicating, ideas are flowing, issues are being resolved between staff without manager/HR intervention, and our staff better understand our goals and vision and their part in helping us achieve them"

Manager, Peter Jackson's Park Road Post Production House, Wellington

"My team members have found the Brandheart workshops a beneficial experience - the difference is noticeable with team dynamics. The understanding of one another's working and communicating style is so readily accepted now. I am no longer the mediator because they have the knowledge of the behaviours and the skills to diffuse situations themselves. I believe all staff have the opportunity to benefit enormously from completing these workshops."

Team Leader, Immigration NZ

"I have just received this year's engagement results and the team has had the biggest positive movement of any business unit in LINZ. On sharing this news with the team their feedback to me was the impact that Brandheart's workshop had on them individually and also on us as a team, and I agree with their thoughts 100%. We have continued to develop over the past six months, and are in a good space now I believe to achieve some excellent results next year."

Manager, Land Information NZ

"Brandheart's workshops have had a huge positive impact on both my team and myself. We are using the language and concepts from the workshops everyday in our conversations, especially when we are faced with a challenging situation. We ask each other what choices can we make here to get the best outcome, remind each other to take a break and go for a walk, remind each other to take personal responsibility to influence rather than moan about things or at least find a way to live with a situation positively. I have also been able to use the preparation and process for addressing concerns constructively from the workshop which has made those conversations so much more effective."

Manager, Auckland Council

"Participants consistently provide positive feedback about Brandheart's workshops – more importantly – so do their managers. This feedback is more than just about how they enjoyed the workshop and facilitators, it's also about how they are using what they've learned."

Manager, Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment

"It was a real privilege to have time in one of Brandheart's workshops and it was the most valuable leadership workshop I've been in, in terms of being thought provoking, personally challenging (in a positive way!) and with practical tools to take away and apply with my team. I had a courageous conversation yesterday with my own manager and it went very well and the outcome has been positive for both of us!"

Manager, Land Information NZ

"Brandheart's facilitator exuded a calm confidence that I believe influenced the whole room and enabled a sincere and reflective environment, crucial for real learning to take place. The tension was skillfully balanced between enabling all to have their say, and directing the workshop to keep on track. I personally felt a sense of timelessness where there seemed to be plenty of time to carry out the workshop sessions, but without the usual rush, and running late typical of most workshops I have attended. Our facilitator was able to work the group in a flexible and dynamic way to ensure an optimal outcome in the time available. I highly recommend the facilitators from Brandheart."

Director, Quinovic NZ

"Months later staff are still talking about their learning and using the language and techniques Brandheart's facilitator gave them to strengthen their resilience and to build effective relationships with colleagues and customers. We wanted to build a collaborative, positive and proactive culture amongst staff, and to have staff with the confidence and skills to deliver excellent service to our customers and to positively manage relationships with each other. In addition to this we wanted our staff to build their resilience to some of the changes and challenges that they face at work. Claire delivered on everything we wanted. Claire distils complex ideas into simple practical methods staff can use to grow both personally and as high performing teams."

Manager, Hutt City Council

"Thank you so much for showing us all of these simple but effective techniques! I felt an amazing weight lifted after the course and now I feel I can tackle the more difficult hurdles I face daily. I think everyone should do your course!"

Participant, Wellington City Council

"I found the Brandheart course to be a valuable day for reflection and auditing my personal change readiness ‘toolkit'. I periodically correspond with a mature colleague who was my ‘study buddy' on that course. She frequently states that it completely changed her work life (after years of not really enjoying it) and wishes she had had the opportunity to do the course years ago."

Participant, Auckland Council

"I really enjoyed Brandheart's course and have implemented most, if not all, their teachings and refer to my course material daily. I no longer run round like a headless chook trying to locate work, emails or information. My emails are working well as references to information or ‘need to respond' but I no longer use it as an everything solution to my past disorganization - it is now just emails, nothing more. Basically, I am far more systematic now than I was when I attended the course. It is so blimmin great that I can actually be busy and not overwhelmed because I have plans/systems/processes in place that make it a breeze. The new knowledge has really helped my work here and I have encouraged others in my team to attend."

Participant, NZ Transport Agency

"I'm using a lot of what I've learned from the workshop and I've had really great experiences! I'm more open with communicating with my manager and other members in my team now and I'm using what I've learned from the workshop to establish fantastic relationships with new colleagues. I'm also more vocal in letting others know about my concerns which really helps me a lot in my work. Not letting other know how I feel or my concerns was a big barrier for me in communicating effectively with others. Now, I raise questions and concerns when really needed and I find that people are flexible and understanding if they know where I'm coming from. Again, thank you so much not just for the workshop but for helping me analyse my relationships and how to handle them. It really made a big change in my outlook about confidence and myself."

Participant, Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment

"Brandheart's workshop really blew my mind! I can confidently say it's the best workshop I've ever been on (and I've been on quite a lot, lover of learning that I am!). Thank you so much for your gracious and inspiring facilitation, and for the brilliant course material you've put together. It's really helped me clarify what's important to me and where I want to go, and it's given me so many useful tools to help me get there. I found the pre-workshop preparation and the activities between workshop days really useful to put some of this amazing stuff into action – thanks for the effort and thought you've put into that material and for your follow-up emails along the way."

Participant, Ministry of Education