Why we’re called Brandheart

Working with the heart of your brand

We call ourselves Brandheart because that's what we specialise in - working with the heart of a brand, its people.

You see we believe that the beating heart of every organisation's brand - or reputation - is its people. And this is where we come in. We've noticed that organisations, regardless of whether they are private or public sector, are increasingly understanding how important the emotional wellbeing of their people is in achieving their organisational outcomes. It’s the secret recipe for creating their competitive advantage, exceptional customer service experiences, and in nailing an awesome reputation for excellence.

This collective emotional wellbeing factor has a huge impact on an organisation and the people in it. It affects everything from co-worker relationships to leadership effectiveness to manager-staff relationships to resilience to stress and change to team effectiveness to staff engagement, you name it. And it can be a complex thing in a dynamic working environment full of individual thinking and feeling human beings.

This is our area of expertise. We specialise in assisting people to simplify the complexity of working together in a dynamic, demanding and complex working environment. So that they can focus on doing what they do best.

We get the results we do because we not only work with the 'heart' we also come from the heart.